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Jan 03

5 Ways to Make a Room Seem Bigger

Most homes have at least one small space you wish were a little bigger. That might be a living room, bedroom, or home office. Short of knocking out a wall or adding onto the room, you’re stuck with the physical architecture of your home. But there are interior design tricks that can visually expand any space, often at little expense.

Here are my five tips for how to make a room seem bigger.

1. Emphasize Heightmake a room seem bigger

When the eye is drawn up, a room seems larger. This is a rule of thumb in interior design. So make use of the height in a too-small space. This can be done by using vertical stripes, like pictured above, and placing art above furniture on the wall. If you’ve got window treatments, hang them just below the ceiling to make your windows seem more grand. You might also consider adding crown moulding as an element to draw the eye upwards.


2. Keep It Tailored
make a room seem bigger

To make a room seem bigger, use tailored pieces with clean lines. This is not the place for sofas with big arms or bulky armchairs. To maximize your seating options, use a loveseat, side chair, and upholstered ottoman that can double as a seat if you’ve got a crowd.


3. Make Use of All Spacesmake a room seem bigger

Don’t let corners become wasted space in a smaller room. Use those areas for a lamp, tailored chair, table, or bookshelf. In a bedroom, consider putting a bench or ottoman at the foot of the bed for extra seating or storage. Maybe you’ve got an odd nook or cranny that could be transformed into a window seat or storage area. Think creatively to make use of every inch.


4. Build in Function and Storagemake a room seem bigger

If you’re trying to make a room seem bigger, as well as make it useful, little tricks can go a long way. For example, putting a console table or dresser behind a loveseat will give you space for a lamp and accessories. Nudging ottomans or poofs under a coffee table will have them handy for when you need the extra seating, without them becoming visual clutter. If you can, add a piece with lots of storage, like the bookshelves pictured above.


5. Make it Cohesive

make a room seem bigger

Consider your color palette carefully when you’re trying to make a room seem bigger. Keep your colors within a few shades of each other to keep the look cohesive. It will naturally make a space seem larger when all the pieces of the design work together as a unit.


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