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Jan 09

5 Contemporary Chandeliers with Design that Sparkle

Natural light is one of the best accessories in any home. Close behind that is the light you bring into your home. Why settle for average or boring lights when these contemporary chandeliers make such a beautiful design statement?

These are five contemporary chandeliers I love—bold or more subtle, they sparkle with great design elements and elegant style. Enjoy!


contemporary chandeliersSaturn Burst Chandelier

Midcentury modern influencing is evident in this captivating Cyan Design pendant light. This contemporary chandelier features a number of rays that splay outward, with an exterior secondary frame and elegant silver leaf finish.


contemporary chandeliersBubbles Cash Pendant

From the Bubbles Collection, this Cyan Design pendant light features visual layers of bubbles, in various sizes, each suspended in groups to create a larger visual shape. This fun and fresh light has smokey brown glass, which pairs well with the updated look of the chrome finish, completing the appeal.


contemporary chandeliers

Longmont 14-Light Chandelier

Density and simplicity make this ring of lights from Hudson Valley Lighting sing. Using a unique European technique, artisans inlay strands of brass in molten glass while blowing it into shape. These mouth-blown glass pieces suggest wine vessels: embedded within, the nearly dissolving. This contemporary chandelier is elegant and makes a real statement.

contemporary chandeliersVertigo Modern Chandelier

Experience the refreshing style, ethereal elegance, and sophisticated poise of this contemporary wall pendant from Corbett Lighting. The citrine ice diffuser shade is stunning and is sure to start conversation while it provides clean, bright light. The modern silver finish gleams with durability and outstanding quality so you can always enjoy the chic glow in your living room, kitchen, dining room, lounge, or bedroom.


contemporary chandeliers

Raindrop Chandelier

Raindrop fixtures transform a this classic pendant shape with a distinctive design into a real conversation piece in your home. The aquamarine insert is removable, and sparkles colorfully.



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