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Interior design and architecture go hand-in-hand. That’s why a recent article by Forbes magazine caught my attention. The only thing more mind-boggling than the images featured is the thought of what the future holds.

Could we really live in tornado-proof homes equipped to become subterranean or stay in underwater hotels? Considering an underwater hotel already exists in Fiji called the Poseidon Undersea Resort, it’s only a matter of time. And as architecture evolves, so must interior design.

Take a look at some stunning homes of the future and my furniture picks to match form with function!

A prototype for a tornado-safe home has been created by Ted Givens, an architect with Hong Kong’s 10Design. The Kevlar-coated house is equipped with hydraulic levers  that pull it into the ground when high-velocity winds pass by. The structure’s roof then locks so water and wind can’t enter. Once the climate stabilizes, the house reemerges and residents resume normal life.

This high-tech “mobile” home is going to need secure furniture. My pick is the Aladino Up Bedroom Set by the ALF Group, a popular Italian company that produces modern furniture. The bed appears to be suspended, but is actually supported by an unusual platform and secured to the wall by its headboard. The unit also includes two wall mounted drawers.


Korean designer Christopher Daniel created this roll-like home concept. The house is designed for arid environments and is framed with a single metallic sheet. It’s also equipped with a hydraulic powered automatic door. The upper half of the door opens overhead and the lower half unfolds onto the ground. Residents can make skylights and windows less or more transparent depending on the sun. Rooms are divided by curtains and bookshelves.

Minimalist and modular, the “roll” house needs similar furnishings. My pick is the kitchen all-in-one table designed by Petr Kubik. This futuristic pedestal table contains hidden appliance spaces designed to hold everything from a dishwasher and dryer to a toaster, coffee maker, freezer and microwave. An integrated computer digitally displays dining options as well as the internet on the table’s surface. Alas, the table is still in the design phase and is not yet a reality.

The Water Discus Hotel is a design concept by Deep Ocean Technology in Poland and includes an underwater area that would allow guests underwater viewing. The 11,000 square foot space would sit 33 feet below the surface of the water. The hotel would also feature a diving center, open terraces above water and a spa, but no lifeboats are required. The disc-shaped dwelling can be detached from the main structure and used as a lifeboat if needed!

Elegant, sleek and designed for lounging while enjoying the view, my pick for the Water Discus Hotel is the Nuab sofa by Definitive1. The sculptural sofa is made from stainless steel and is currently in production in limited quantities.

Which home of the future would you like to see become reality? I’m all about the sea myself!



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