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Once upon a time, in a land not so far away…popcorn was king. Of the ceiling, that is, but not anymore. Popcorn ceiling textures were great for masking flaws and absorbing sound, but terrible for the overall beauty of the room. Thankfully, the reign of popcorn has come to an end!

Today, ceiling options are limitless and the ceiling has become the fifth wall in interior design. Although often overlooked, the ceiling is an integral part of a room’s design and another opportunity to create depth, beauty and contrast.

Paint is by far the easiest and least expensive way to add interest to the ceiling. In this room, a bold turquoise is applied to the ceiling to match the trim on the bedding. The color draws the eye up and provides an unexpected element to the room’s design.

Extending the wall color paint to the ceiling is another opton. Here, the effect is warm and welcoming, and highlights the room’s woodwork and accessories. 

Wallpaper is another fun option! More than just color, wallpaper can add interesting texture and the look of detail without the cost of faux finishing. But, I recommend a steady ladder, a second pair of hands and a lot of patience if you tackle the project yourself.

Architectural elements are always in style and add great depth and beauty to ceilings. Here, a simple lattice pattern has been added for visual interest. For more “wow” factor, the ceiling and lattice trim could be painted in contrasting colors.

Wood beams and planks are a popular choice and provide rustic, old world charm. The rest of this room’s palette is kept light to keep the room from becoming too dark.

Vintage, tin tiles are another visual stunner.  Available in a variety of colors and styles, tin tiles can appear elegant or rustic and add texture, interest and custom design to a room. They can be installed anywhere, but I especially like them in kitchens, formal dining rooms, game rooms and offices. So much for basic white!

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