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Of all the patterns used in interior design, polka dots typically draw the strongest reaction. Few people are indifferent to the design. But, whether you love them or hate them, polka dots are here to stay.

The pattern first became common on clothing in the late 19th century in Britain and is thought to be named after a popular dance of the same name. An early recorded use of the term “polka dot” is found back in 1871 in Godey’s Lady’s Book, a popular women’s magazine in the United States. (Source: Wikipedia)

Fun, whimsical, bold and even glamorous, polka dots can add style to any room. Here are some interesting uses of the pattern that might change your opinion on the eternal dot!

Polka dots go modern and sophisticated in a dark brown, yellow and cream rug. Geometric patterned drapery adds to the adult appeal of the room while maintaining a sense of fun.

Gold polka dots bring on the glamour in a headboard from the popular television series Gossip Girl. Jewel tone accessories and luxurious fabrics add to the effect.

Playful, polka dot ottomans contrast nicely with a yellow geometric rug and add to the room’s sense of whimsy and fresh style.

A brown and white polka dot ottoman adds a touch of youth to a young adult’s room. Turquoise and apple green energize the room, while gold and lucite accents provide glamour.

The dot earns its reputation as cute and youthful in a green and white bed. Pink and blue complete the color palette and make one little girl very happy!

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