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Like most designers, I love using mirrors to decorate and enhance a room. Mirrors are relatively inexpensive and one of the best ways to maximize light and space in interior design. Their reflective quality bounces light throughout the room, bringing brightness and more depth to the space. They are also simply elegant and can bring a touch of glamour to any room. Here are some inspiring ways you can add the reflective beauty of mirrors to your home’s decor.

A framed wall mirror is an excellent choice when trying to a add a large reflective surface to a room. In this image from Traditional Home, the mirror makes the room appear larger and also reflects light off the crystal chandelier, producing a dazzling effect.

Mirrored candlesticks make a glamorous addition to any room and can fit almost anywhere thanks to their size. Add them to a mantel, place them beside the bath or on any table. 

A mirrored chest by Pottery Barn adds an unexpected twist to a room’s decor and provides a large reflective surface to maximize the available light. It’s also ultra-feminine and, remarkably, appears both modern and vintage.

Already producing its own source of light, can you image how illuminating this mirrored lamp would be on a bedside table? Simply beautiful.

Mirrored trays can be used throughout the home to display a variety of objects. Use them to display decorative items in the living room, toiletries in baths and bedrooms, and decanters and stemware in the dining room.


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