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Summertime is here and soon families will be flocking to beaches everywhere. And few things are better than strolling along the shore, collecting seashells with your child, except for maybe finding a beautiful way to display them in your home. Don’t hide them away in a drawer or closet. Include those precious shells in your home décor and relive the moment everyday! Here are some fabulous ideas.

Framed seashells on a jute background resembling sand add beautiful texture and memories to this bedroom.

A simple glass vase filled with seashells becomes the perfect bookend.

Shells placed on a tray sit center stage in this family room, forming  a meaningful vignette.

Affixing seashells to inexpensive pillar candles is a beautiful way to display a large collection of small shells.

Rustic jars filled with shells and labeled with the French word for “sea” become creative accent pieces that can be placed anywhere.

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