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Summer vacation? Sometimes I think those words are mutually exclusive. Between work and other responsibilities, it can be hard to take a break even during the season of perpetual sunshine. But, of course, I can always dream. And lately, I’ve been dreaming of hammocks.

Is there anything more relaxing then being gently cradled, suspended mid-air, swaying in the breeze? It’s like a mini-vacation in itself and one you can take right at home.  Take a look at some fabulous hammocks that would inspire anyone to daydream.

The Kokoon hammock by Olivier Le Pensec for Royal Botania turns lounging into a social affair or provides one decadent solo siesta!  Made from teak wood, the hammock is available in white or cappuccino with optional curtains. However, sitting in the lap of luxury doesn’t come cheap. Pricing starts at $12,099.

This luxury lounger is aptly called The Floating Bed, and can be suspended from an existing structure or ordered with its own frame. It is also suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Priced from $3,795.00 with mattress and cover.

The Wave hammock by Erik Nyberg and Gustav Strom for Royal Botania is state of the art lounging. It stands on a single point, but is built to withstand strong forces from people and weather alike. It also blocks 86% of the sun’s rays. But, like a fine work of art, it comes with a high price: $25, 749.

Thankfully, not all fantasy hammocks are priced outside of most realities. The Nicamaka Couples Hammock is as pretty as it is peaceful. The romantic hammock with a crochet design is built for two and priced at a reasonable $169.99.

And for those that think bean bags are just for kids, check out Le Beanock Flatpacked. This indoor, bean bag hammock is designed to be enjoyed by everyone, and priced at $615.41 most can! Now, where to put it?

Sweet dreams!


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