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Maybe it’s because summer will soon be over or maybe it’s simply because I love their fabulous twists and turns, but I can’t get enough of coral these days.  Sea-inspired accents are always refreshing, but while anchors and knots have become passé, coral remains unexpected and elegant.

Take a look at some fabulous finds inspired by coral, the builders of the sea!

Cyan Design Coral Trays (Pack of 5), tabletop accessories or wall art. Priced at $135.oo; www.barbaragilbertinteriors.com.

Currey In a Hurry Seaward Transitional Chandelier. Priced at $924.00; www.barbaragilbertinteriors.com.

Aqua Fan Coral Wall Art by Caroline Kelly. Priced at $89.95; www.zgallerie.com.

Thomas Paul Tufted Pile Coral Rug. Priced from $351.00; www.wayfair.com.

Coral Lamp. Priced at $125.00; www.pier1.com.


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