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It’s often the small things that take an event from ordinary to spectacular. In other words, “it’s all in the details.”  

If you’re hosting Christmas dinner this year, consider place cards to set this year’s gathering apart from all the rest. It’s a simple thing to do, but often unexpected and very memorable. And, it also puts an end to the question of who’s sitting at the kids’ table!

Votives in Christmas colors provide a warm and festive touch to the holiday table. Simply adorn with handwritten name tags.

A frosted, name-inscribed sugar cookie at each place setting will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Who wouldn’t want to be greeted with a gift? A small box of chocolates, elegantly wrapped, makes a beautiful place card when labeled with a guest’s name.

And for an elegant, adult setting, wine corks make the perfect place card holder. Simply cut a slit along one side. Think of how much fun you’ll have collecting them!

Image sources: 1) Country Living, 2) Delish, 3) House Beautiful, 4) Google Images.

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