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Paint that actually encourages you to write on it? Primer that magnetizes your wall? Both sound too good to be true and a little like science fiction. Part of the fun of interior design is discovering new and creative products. And I was very excited when I first discovered chalkboard paint and magnetic primer.  They open up so many new options in interior design.

Chalkboard paint allows you to make a chalkboard out of any wall and almost any surface in your home. It’s applied like regular paint and can be used on metal, wood, plaster, glass and concrete. It’s erasable, washable and every kid’s dream! It’s also great for busy families trying to keep track of each other. Just paint, buy some chalk and an eraser, and write each other notes as you come and go. A laundry room wall makes a great message center.

Magnetic primer is another fantastic innovation. It usually comes as a dark gray or black base coat and allows you to create a magnetic surface just about anywhere you want. It’s applied like paint and once dry, can be painted over with the color of your choice. Voila! Instant magnetic board. Hang your child’s artwork, photographs or family notes right on the wall. However, magnetic primer isn’t quite as strong as typical magnetic boards. For best results, apply 2 to 3 coats of the primer and limit yourself  to 2 topcoats of latex paint. Lightweight magnets also work best.

Want to double the fun and function of a wall? Use both magnetic and chalkboard paint. Simply paint the surface with magnetic primer and once dry, use chalkboard paint as the topcoat. Now you have the ultimate message and art center.

Magnetic and chalkboard paints are made by a variety of manufacturers, but here are some ideas from Benjamin Moore using their Studio Finishes Chalkboard Paint to inspire you. Don’t care for basic black? Hudson paint offers 24 different colors of chalkboard paint at www.hudsonpaint.com.

A stylish calendar and office.

The ultimate playroom wall.

A family message center.

A tabletop canvas.


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