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Apr / 14 2014

Floor Coverings Reinvented

boewer_int_0229Talk about a magic carpet! Boewer’s wooden carpets may not be able to actually whisk you away, but they’re still nothing short of enchanting.

(Speaking of being whisked away, have you read Visions from Vail, our Project Manager Julie’s vacation-post?)

We’ve written before of our admiration for Jamie Beckwith, a leading trendsetter in wood tile design who has revolutionized the use of wood in surface treatments. Now, Boewer has done the same for wooden floor coverings. The company describes the carpets as “a room object withdrawing itself from definition.”

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Apr / 07 2014

A Luxurious Family Home: The Master Retreat

For most people, the master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s where we retreat at the end of the day: to relax and rejuvenate from all the day’s stressors and responsibilities. And that’s exactly why it’s essential that the room’s decor reflects the needs and personalities of those who reside in it.

We recently featured a grand living room we designed for clients desiring an elegant and family-friendly home. We were also fortunate enough to design their master retreat and, once again, luxury and practicality were the ultimate goals.

Read on for all the exciting changes we made!

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Mar / 29 2014

A Luxurious Family Home: The Living Room

Can luxury and practicality coexist in the same house? Absolutely!

Just because you’re at a stage in life when kids and pets rule the roost, doesn’t mean you have to live without style. Advances in technology have made many of today’s luxurious fabrics also washable and durable. And glamorous accents have always had the power to transform an ordinary space.

We recently worked with a wonderful family to create an elegant living room and master bedroom where cuddling with the kids and family dogs was paramount, but style was also important.

The Grand Living Room

Our goal was to create an elegant living room where family and friends could gather and be comfortable, while keeping the look transitional and fresh. Our clients’ existing sofa was in excellent condition, so naturally, they wished to use it in the room’s new design. They also owned a gorgeous grand piano that would be included in the room. Both pieces set the stage for the design plan and we selected a color palette to work beautifully with both.


This view of the grand piano shows the beautiful tones of the wood and the dramatic impact it gives to the space. We carefully blended the wood tones of the furniture we added to the room to create continuity, and added custom drapery and a hand-tufted wool rug in shades of cream and gold.

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Mar / 12 2014

Visions from Vail

Sometimes it’s impossible to leave work behind. And honestly, who wants to when work involves inspiring design?!

Julie, our Project Manager at BGI, recently vacationed in Vail, Colorado with her family and couldn’t resist taking pictures of the town’s picturesque architecture and design. It was her first time skiing in almost 20 years and she said it was the perfect setting for tumbling down a mountain! She and her family had a great time, and we’re just glad she didn’t break anything!

Here are some interesting moments from Julie’s trip to Vail.


The Vail Marriot Mountain Resort, where opulent textures and rich colors mixed effortlessly with wrought iron and stone to create a rustic elegant interior. I loved the grand scale artwork and chandeliers.

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Mar / 06 2014

BGI Receives Best of Houzz 2014 Design Awards

untitledThe year 2014 just keeps getting better! We are thrilled to announce Barbara Gilbert Interiors has been honored with the “Best Of Houzz” award in Customer Satisfaction and Design for 2014 by Houzz, the leading online platform for home remodeling and interior design.

This is the third consecutive year our design firm has been recognized with the prestigious Houzz award, with achievements in Best Of Design and Customer Satisfaction in 2012 and Best of Design in 2013, and we couldn’t be prouder!  Houzz is one of our favorite design sites and is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in interior design. Award recipients are chosen through an annual survey of more than 16 million monthly users from the Houzz community.

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Feb / 26 2014

The Future is Here: 3D Printing to the Rescue

We’ve talked about the future of design before and are always excited to see the latest innovations taking place around us. But I think it’s safe to say that no one anticipated the future to be here so soon!

Imagine you’re planning a dinner party for family and friends. You want the perfect centerpiece or decadent, confections for the occasion. But instead of contacting your favorite bakery, you simply go to your kitchen because the perfect chef is already there – a 3D printer.

9373739 ROBYN BECK AFP Getty Images

ChefJet creations.

This scenario may sound like a scene out of a science fiction movie, but it’s actually taking place right now and is probably in your very near future!

3D Systems recently introduced ChefJet, a countertop 3D printer capable of producing a variety of confections.  Equipped with Digital Cookbook,  printable materials include chocolate, vanilla, mint, cherry, sour apple and watermelon. The printer will be available in the second half of 2014.

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Jan / 28 2014

BGI Receives 2013 Designer of the Year Award

logoWe are honored and thrilled to announce Barbara Gilbert Interiors has received a Designer of the Year Award from the national Interior Design Society!

We received the first place award for Bath Designs under $30,000 for a glamorous master bathroom remodel. The design of the room was based on our client’s desire for a fresh, updated space with a subtle and feminine palette to reflect her personal style. She was beginning a new phase in her life and wanted her home to reflect her fresh start and new outlook.

We couldn’t be happier with the final result and the fact the design has won not one, but two awards is icing on the cake! The room’s design also won first place in the 2013 American Society of Interior Designers (AISD)  Legacy of Design Awards for Bathroom Design last year. Here are all the details of the design and the room’s transformation!

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Jan / 20 2014

Inspiring Warm Refreshments

It may be cold outside, but when I cuddle up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea, I’m warm and cozy! That’s why I love hot beverages. Just a few sips and you’re enveloped in warmth. In fact, I think the only thing better is an entire room that makes you feel the same way.

So grab a cup of Joe and let’s have a little fun with interior design! Take a look at the following rooms and see if you can guess what warm beverage I think could have inspired them. The answers are at the end, but no peeking until you take a guess! I’ve given you a few hints after each picture.

hot chocolate decorpad

1) Hint:  The earliest version of this drink was created by the Mayans around 2,000 years ago. And if you’re lucky, it’s served with whipped cream on top!

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Jan / 12 2014

New Year, New Hue

color-of-the-year-radiant-orchid-ctr pantoneWant a new year’s resolution that’s actually fun? Resolve to update your home or wardrobe with a splash of radiant orchid – Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014!

Alluring, feminine and fresh – radiant orchid is a beautiful mixture of fuchsia, purple and pink. Add it to your home through paint, accent pieces or accessories. It pairs beautifully with deep greens, turquoise, teal and light yellows, and invigorates any neutral such as gray, beige or taupe.

And because it blends both cool and warm undertones, it flatters most any complexion, making it a versatile winner in beauty and fashion. The color is already appearing on fashion runways and in stores, and is expected to be a hot hue for eyes, lips and nails soon.

Pantone describes radiant orchid as a color that “inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and heath.” Take a look at the following images and let us know if you agree.

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Dec / 17 2013

Fabulous Finds: Stocking Stuffers

Santa Claus is coming to town! Are you ready? Even if all the presents are wrapped and under the tree, chances are you’re still missing a few stocking stuffers. But there’s no reason to pout or cry, because we’ve got you covered!

Here are some fabulous finds to help with your holiday shopping and put the “merry” into Christmas. What can we say? We’re on the nice list!

Glass horn magnifying glass world market

Glass Horn Magnifying Glass. Priced at $14.99; 

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