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It’s always a challenge to create color palettes with hues my clients love, but recently it couldn’t have been easier!  My clients have original artwork from New Mexico, where they are from, that I happen to love as much as they do.  The vibrant colors and abstract images just speak to me!

The artwork contains gorgeous shades of red, orange, and blue that became the basis for the home’s tangerine, red and aqua color scheme. Working with clients who embrace and don’t fear using color is always a joy! The options are limitless and the results dazzling. Take a look!

The painting’s field of tangerine flowers inspired the accent wall color in the breakfast nook. The deep, warm shade draws the eye into the home upon entering and creates a welcoming space.

Aqua skies and shadowed hills depicted in the breakfast nook painting inspired drapery, throw pillows and accents in the same hue throughout the family room.

The kitchen island was painted a deep, rusty red, providing continuity to the color scheme while adding a new shade. The island’s antique finish was achieved by applying two paint colors.

More subdued hues from the same color families are showcased in the formal dining room.  As with the breakfast nook, the colors were drawn from a painting featured in the room.

Unfortunately, I was not able to complete all the design plans for the home because my clients are relocating to Midland, Texas due to a job change.  But, I’m excited to say, I may have the opportunity to decorate their new home as well! I’ll keep you posted.



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