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Red, white and blue are striking together on the American flag, but what about as a room’s color scheme? These rooms make it work, and turn all-American into all style!

Timeless colors and patterns mixed with clean lines create a family room straight out of a classic Ralph Lauren advertisement. Simple white drapery and warm wood floors ground the room and balance the bold use of color and pattern.

A red coral chandelier and candle wall sconce add a touch of the unexpected to this otherwise calm and traditional dining room. Shades of blue, grey and white create a serene backdrop for the punch of color.

Crisp red and white linens and window shades pop against a blue wall. An antique gold, pendant chandelier adds interest to the color scheme.

An all-American nautical theme creates a bold and playful family room in a coastal retreat. A simple white area rug gives the eye a place to rest after taking in the rest of the room.

Clean lines, fresh linens and decor in red, white and blue create a room for boys that even a mother could love. A star pendant light adds whimsy to the room.

Image sources: 1) Pottery Barn, 2) Elle Decor, 3) House Beautiful,
4) Coastal Living, 5) Nursery Notations.

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