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Feeling inspired by the bright colors of summer? Add a slice of citrus to your home décor and watch the room come to life! Bright hues bring energy to any space, not to mention a smile to your face. Here are some of my favorite juicy colors and ways to use them in your home.

An orange and white trellis headboard makes this bedroom pop! Orange is currently one of the hottest colors in home decor and for good reason. It’s bold, vibrant and surprisingly versatile. Mix it with aqua, navy blue, pinks, greys, chocolate brown and, of course, crisp white.

A simple bright yellow table transforms a traditional eat-in kitchen into an unexpected space. A yellow chandelier or throw pillows would have a similar effect. Mix bright yellow with blues, greens, greys or browns for a room that is anything but ho-hum.

Lime green throw pillows turn a mudroom into a happy, welcoming space. Throw pillows are the perfect accessory to change with the season and your mood. Lime green mixes beautifully with blues, yellows, reds, greys and browns.

Like the inside of a grapefruit, this tablecloth bursts with flavor! The deep pink is feminine without being too sweet. Mix with blues, greens, greys and glorious gold.

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